27 May 2019 - Canterbury Wider Training Group named

Canterbury Head Coach Joe Maddock has named his Wider Training Group, ahead of the 2019 Mitre 10 Cup season. 

Maddock said: "We've named a group of 40 players from 14 clubs throughout the Canterbury region, as we start building momentum towards our 2019 Mitre 10 Cup season. 

"The next few weeks is a chance for the coaching group to bring these young players in to our environment to train, assess where they are at and provide them with a development opportunity to complement their club season.

"Some of these players have been in and around Rugby Park before as part of our development programs and teams, but for others this will be a new experience and an exciting opportunity," Maddock said. 

Four players - Shilo Klein, Cullen Grace, Fergus Burke and Dallas McLeod, are not part of the wider training group due to New Zealand U20 squad commitments. The wider training group assembles this Wednesday 29 May.


2019 Canterbury Wider Training Group:

Jarvis Wallace (Belfast)

Mena Tukana (Belfast)

Sorby Sorvea (Belfast)

Connor McManus (Burnside)

Dustin Coveney (Burnside)

Junior Ratuva (Burnside)

Cam Bailey (Christchurch)

Henry Saker (Christchurch)

Hugh Renton (Christchurch)

Will Tucker (Christchurch)

Alex Harford (High School Old Boys)

Hamish Munroe (High School Old Boys)

Mitch Gibson (High School Old Boys)

Ollie Knopp (High School Old Boys)

Antonio Shalfoon (Lincoln University)

Harrison Courtney (Lincoln University)

Josh Bokser (Lincoln University)

Nic Souchon (Lincoln University)

Rameka Poihipi (Lincoln University)

Sam Gilbert (Lincoln University)

Troy Hallett (Lincoln University)

Gibson Popoalii (Linwood)

Inga Finau (Linwood)

Tepasu Thomas (Linwood)

Seb Siataga (New Brighton)

Tim Murgatroyd (Prebbleton)

Tom Brand (Prebbleton)

Richie Asiata (Shirley)

Suia Maile (Shirley)

Cameron Powell (Springston)

Sam Cottam (Springston)

Matt Tuala (Sumner)

Samu Tawake (Sumner)

Judah Gawith (Sydenham)

Brodie McAlister (Sydenham)

Caleb Aperahama (Sydenham)

Josh Aileone (Sydenham)

Sam Matenga (Sydenham)

Matt Letoga (University of Canterbury)

Harry Kirk (Waihora)


Players unavailable due to NZ U20 commitments:


Shilo Klein (High School Old Boys)

Cullen Grace (Lincoln University)

Fergus Burke (University of Canterbury)

Dallas McLeod (Christchurch)


The 2019 Mitre 10 Cup campaign kicks off on 8 August, with Canterbury's first game away to Waikato on Saturday 10 August. Maddock will name his  2019 Canterbury Mitre 10 Cup squad in July. 

Article added: Monday 27 May 2019


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